Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy BDAY/Mother's Day

I scrapbooked two separate occasions this weekend.

The first layout showcases a cropped photo of my father-in-law.  It was taken at a restaurant during our May2014 celebration.   May is a very busy and expensive month for us, because not only does Mother's Day fall in May, but both my mother-in-lay and father-in-law have May birthdays... in fact only three days apart.  Usually we all get together to celebrate all the events the Saturday following Mother's day.

This year our dinner destination was the recently relocated/reopened Damiani's Pizza.  A south side pizza place that my husband grew up on and which to the great disappointment of all the Moisans,  the owner closed several years ago.   I was only there twice, so I don't have the same attachment to the place that they do.  And I'll go on record and say that I don't care how good the pizza is, if I can't get a diet Pepsi or at the very least a diet Coke w/dinner it will never be a favorite of mine.

On this layout I used this Die-Version Happy BDAY die to make those tickets.   I'm not sure if this layout is finished.  I think it needs a title, but I'm not sure.

The second layout is of us and my Mom at Arlington Race Track during the first part of our Mother's Day celebration.   This was the first year in four/five years that the weather hasn't been cold and rainy.  It was a gorgeous sunny day in the 70s.    The big winners of the day were Mom and LP.  

Thanks for stopping bye.  Until next time... take care.

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  1. Love both of these layouts. I don't think the first one needs a title.