Saturday, November 26, 2016

Goodbye Fall/Halloween

Hello crafty friends,

I finished packing up all the Halloween and Fall decorations yesterday.  Now waiting for the guys to take the bins downstairs and starting bring up Christmas and Winter stuff.

I gave away some of my Halloween and Fall stuff this year... as much as I LOVE this season, I'm at a point where extreme decorating just doesn't happen anymore.  So I gave my brother some stuff and I sent more stuff home w/my Mom and Sister.

So that brings me to the last Fall card of the year on this blog... a Thanksgiving card.

I hope you Thanksgiving day was full of love ones and good food.  Our was definitely!

I'll be back tomorrow with my first Holiday 2016 card.  Until tomorrow :)


  1. What a fun card! Love that sentiment with this cutie.

    1. thanks Anne. I wish I took a video, because I put the turkey head on a wobble :)