Friday, May 31, 2013

Cutting Fabric with Thin Dies

This post was inspired by a question left on my Spanish video of a few days ago.    You can find the video here.  In the video I talk about Die-Versions' Spanish Dies and demonstrate how to use the one I have, the "Feliz Cumpleaños" Sweet Spot.   I don't know of any other company that is doing Spanish dies and felt the need to let me Spanish friends know about it.  

I was asked if the dies cut fabric and the answer is yes, it's tricky, but worth trying.   And that's what I did... 

I ironed some Heat&Bond Lite to the back on my 100% cotton fabric.  


I die cut one of my bigger dies.   Die-Versions' "Happy Birthday" Solo Sentiment.   


And it cut clean and beautifully, but I had to use a shim at the top of my die cutting sandwich.  I used a piece of medium weight textured card stock.  

Next I tried cutting the "Feliz Cumpleaños" Sweet Spot also by Die-Version.   Unfortunately,  I was not able to get a good cut with this die, but I'm going to keep trying with different sandwiches.  If I get it to work I'll let you know.

I hope this little photo demo helps.   Until next time, keep crafting.

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  1. Great photos. You might want to try adhering the fabric to cardstock and then try to cut it. You'll probably need shims, but that's what I normally do. I haven't tried it with the sweet spots though.